With the release of OmniFocus 2 this week, and my experience through the Beta leading up to release, I’ve really realized what a valuable tool it is.  I purchased OmniFocus for iPad and OmniFocus 2 for iPhone, but never really got into the full use of this valuable tool until the last couple of weeks.

My memory isn’t always so good, so a task manager is vital to me.  From groceries on the way home and honey-do lists to critical work projects to my next app, I find that OmniFocus really gives me the depth to plan out what needs to be done next.  Of course, GeoFencing with the iPhone app is vital for many things, and the ability to carry these tasks everywhere is crucial.  Now, with the release of OmniFocus 2 for Mac, the journey to the dark side is complete.  I feel like I have a task manager that I can really use and plumb the depths of, to try to put the whole Getting Things Done concept into motion, or at least as far as it works for me.

To be able to break a project into a series of little jobs really makes the process of completing an assignment manageable to me.  I can know that I need to do X before Y, and that if I finish X I get to mark it as DONE, a satisfying feeling no matter how much more is required to really be finished.

I’ve tried others, and actually also use Wunderlist at this time to share tasks between my co-workers, but for my personal day-to-day life, OmniFocus seems to be the only thing that gets it done.

By Bruce