iPad Games

I love games.  I love games on my iPad in particular.  Mac/PC games are incredible and immersive, but require me to like, actually turn on my Mac and do something, and I don’t even have a PC at the moment.  On the other hand, iPad games are right there.  I can press a button and play a game while I’m waiting, or bored, or restless, a common occurrence for me.  I find games, play them to death, then move on.  In some cases I come back to them.  I rotate through a lot of them, and find some value in most, but here’s the ones I keep coming back to:


– I can’t get enough of this game.  It is very very simple, yet addictive.  It has a great look and feel, the price is right, with good expansion options with IAPs that aren’t unreasonable.  If you like simple strategy games, here you go.

Rome: Total War

– The classic computer game, now done for iPad.  Very involved with a pretty good interface on the iPad.  Battles are not as easy to play on the iPad vs. Keyboard/Mouse, but darn close, and I’m weird that way anyway.  The expansions ‘Barbarian Invasion‘ and ‘Alexander‘ are also available.  I have Barbarian, I always loved it, but I haven’t picked up Alexander yet.

Infinite Flight

– I love airplanes.  I can sit and be entranced by even little private planes you see in the sky all the time, let alone anything more unique.  Because of that, I have always messed with flight sims, from Microsoft, X-Plane, etc. but have never really had the horsepower for them to work well for me, or the controls to make it feel right.  With the iPad, moving the device itself makes for a pretty decent simulation.  I picked this one over all the others out there because it’s IAP system is good, relatively inexpensive and very honest about what you get (3D models, control surface movement, livery, etc.). It plays very nicely and has tons of options available for location, weather, planes, problems and such.

Infinity Blade 3

– Okay, it’s a classic, it’s been around for a long time, but it’s still excellent, and they’ve updated to keep it current (8/29/2017).  It’s still beautiful, it’s easy and fun to play and it’s terribly addictive.

Real Racing 3

– Simply the most accurate feeling racing game on the iPad.  I get into long periods of addictively trying to push through all the races and features, and they keep adding more.  Of course, IAP is probably the worst of the lot on this one, but it’s a really solid game that doesn’t make you spend money.

By Bruce