Wow, okay, that may have been a bit much in the abbreviation department.  The big news is that Airmail 3 has been awarded one of the most coveted prizes in app development this year.

Why do I care?  Well, I’ve been using Swift mail for awhile, and recently switched BACK to Airmail, mainly because I felt it was a more stable application that fit in with my weird needs better.  What amazes me is that Airmail, for all of it’s incredible utility, customization and flexibility is NOT the prettiest app for Mac I’ve ever seen.

So often it seems that style, look, feel really define what makes an ADA winner, sometimes at the expense of quality.  By selecting Airmail 3, Apple signals to me that they care far more about HOW the app works and a bit less about how it looks.

Congratulations to the Bloop team and Airmail 3 for a great year!  Please keep up the incredible work you have done so far!

By Bruce