It’s early – I’ve just downloaded an exciting new app for Mac and iOS called Notebooks.  It’s focus seems to be more on management, organization and deep search, with strong tools to create and edit notes.  Not all the pieces are in place yet: No Apple Pencil sketch support, etc.  It uses DropBox for storage, which isn’t my favorite.  Yet everything I’ve seen so far has me excited that perhaps I’ve finally found the tool I’ve wanted and needed since dropping Evernote.

Like I said, it’s early.  I am going to be working with it heavily over the coming days and really getting a feel for what it does, how it does it, and the team building and supporting it.  When I get that together, expect to see a very in-depth look at how it comes together, and whether it’s the new app for Note monkeys like me.

Official Website:

Notebooks for iOS:

Notebooks for Mac (Trial):

By Bruce