iPad and iPad Mini


Tonight my wife and I swapped iPads.  She has an iPad mini that she’s been struggling with, and I have an iPad (3) Retina.  Now we’ve swapped, and I’m going to give the mini a try.

I’ve heard how much many people have found the form factor and size of the mini to be superior to the heavy, larger iPad.  I’ve gotten used to the weight of the big thing, and carry it everywhere.  Still, my wife, who struggles with the touch interface on her phone and the mini, seems far more comfortable with the full-size version, and I’m not noticing too much of a struggle to ‘scale down’ as I had expected.

Retina Retina Retina – that’s what I miss already.  I think I may get used to it, I mean my Mac’s that I use at work and home are not retina after all.  If I can get past that, maybe I can make a go of this.

As nitpicks go, I need to find a better solution for a case for it – she has a keyboard case from iHome and it’s nice, but seems bulky for such a petite little device.  It’s also white, which is not exactly a big deal but not my favorite.  It was a real long drawn out process to swap the two systems around, but with some attention iTunes actually made it pretty easy if slow.  She does have another case, but it’s really not one I want to even try: it’s not much protection, has purple spots all over it, and isn’t that slim style that I will probably look for.  It may be that I end up with a smart cover, or something like that, on the mini.  One nice thing is that the mini seems so popular there are really wide choices for case designs out there, so I’m sure I can find something.

By Bruce