Evernote, a one time go-to app for me, made a change.

I should have posted this awhile back, but I wanted to wait and see what the fallout ended up being.  Basically, I love(d) Evernote. I used it for just about everything – notes, instructions, scans, business cards, etc.  I paid for their premium service, for over a year.

Then, late last year, they announced a change in their privacy policies.  Nothing HUGE, and I’m sure it probably wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but it started bothering me.  It wasn’t what they were doing, but the feeling that my data was becoming the business model, rather than me, similar to Google and others.  Because these notes contained private or importantly secure information, it really made me pause.  After a few days thought, I ripped all my notes out of Evernote, put them in Apple’s Notes app and canceled and removed my Evernote account.

It hurt.  I had so much there, so much I liked being able to find.  It wasn’t the greatest interface or anything, but overall, it did a decent job, and their Scannable app was practically magical.  Still, I decided to stick it out and walk away.

The fallout from all this resulted in https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2016/12/19/evernotes-action-plan-privacy/

Too little, too late in my case.  It’s not that their response was poor, and not that I would advise people AWAY from Evernote, but I feel like that whole business model change potential has me wary of anything they do.

Apple Notes is okay.  It searches easily, it has groups and a decent interface, but I miss some of the pieces that I got used to in Evernote.  On the other hand, I do save myself a monthly charge, and that’s a GOOD thing, and I still get 90% of what I had with Evernote.

By Bruce