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Email app comparison for Mac and iOS

Apple Email – Email Apps for Mac and iOS

For the last few months, I keep switching Email apps on my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook.  I don’t know why, I just do.  Partially it’s due to the fact that I live and breathe email, on the server and at work.  It’s also because I just tinker, constantly.  I don’t know if I...

iPad Games

iPad Games

I admit it – I love games.  Games games games. They were part of the draw of computers in the first place, long long ago.  I wasn’t a healthy teen and wasn’t able to do the sports thing and such, so video games (and pool and bowling and D&D) were what I did.  That has...

Favorite Tools

Daily Tools and Utilities

What utilities do you use on your Mac, iPad or iPhone? I’m a relative newcomer to the Apple product line, only six years or so, but I now do all my work at home and at work with Apple.  I thought I’d write up a list of my favorite tools and give people a chance to...