So, I have a bad habit of running the latest beta software for iOS and macOS as soon as they are available.  It’s been great with iOS 11 and High Sierra, the enhancements and changes are great.  iOS 11 on an iPad Pro is just an incredible experience.  The new features, multi-tasking, so many little features have been a true revelation, and the more I use it, the hard it would be for me to let it go.

That being said, one big issue is that currently Safari doesn’t work right with Ad Blocking.  I’ve tried several blockers, different configurations, etc. and no luck.  This has been, well, an ‘enlightening’ experience.  A few posts back, I posted about my reasoning for using an Ad Blocker.  Well, seeing the web as it is without a blocker is the ugliest thing I could have imagined.

I don’t see where an ad or two would hurt anyone, and I whitelist sites where I feel I can, but the load that I’ve seen is depressing.  Is it needed to have some overwhelming flow of bouncing, flashing, playing, repeating ads all through a site?  The amount of crap that gets pushed through for a simple website is a mess.

Every site deserves to earn it’s living.  I have a couple of Google ads on my site, basic text, and I sure don’t get much of anything, ever, from those, so maybe you do.  Maybe the only way to make your site pay is to flood your users with a dozen aggravating, agonizing, painful pop ups, pop overs, pop unders, and following ads.

If it is, we’ve broken the web.  I’m sorry I block as much as I do, but I’ve only seen proof so far that I’m right.

By Bruce