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For the last few years, I’ve been gradually looking for ‘that’ domain.  A replacement for the old ‘’, which was set up as an inside joke for a World of Warcraft guild, not as a permanent website/email server.

Vox Magis, which ROUGHLY translates to ‘Cry More’ in Latin, was fine, but hard for people to hear right, confusing and annoying for day-to-day use.  I’ve dug and dug, looking for a domain that met the criteria I had fixed in my mind, and that should be the first consideration for anyone starting a domain:

  • .com, .net preferable, in that order – anything else is still a bit too much of a novelty, although some sites (, etc.) really make a strong statement that this is changing.
  • Easy to say, easy to spell.
  • Catchy, or at least something that makes some level of sense.  I came up with a LOT of crazy ones before I found
  • Always, always have more than one other person look it over and get opinions.  If you want to keep it long-term, it needs to pass the non-techie test, the family test, etc.


Anyway, welcome to  I have a lot to say and do here, and look forward to having you visit.  I’m excited to get your feedback, and will be trying to make that as easy as possible.

One more thing: Why WordPress?  I wanted a site that I could manage and add content to, not as much to create.  I’ll try to get fancy later, play with pages and such, and build something that is more unique, but I felt that a strong base with a minimum of ‘build and create’ time was important.  I’m famous for starting and never finishing, so this puts me in the right place to move forward rather than spin my wheels trying to get my columns just right.



By Bruce