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App Store Desolation and the Desperate Developer

     Since I paid my money and stepped up to developing, I have released only three apps.  The first and second, although fun, were as much a teaching tool for myself as they were to market on the App store.  I didn’t expect much, and my expectations were not disappointed.  With my third app,...

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New Domain… New Site

For the last few years, I’ve been gradually looking for ‘that’ domain.  A replacement for the old ‘voxmagis.com’, which was set up as an inside joke for a World of Warcraft guild, not as a permanent website/email server. Vox Magis, which ROUGHLY translates to ‘Cry More’ in Latin, was fine, but hard for people to...

Status Board Display

Panic Status Board – Postfix Queues for multiple servers – Graph

I have created a simple-ish plugin for tracking Postfix queues across multiple servers and displaying as a graph in Panic’s new Status Board app. There is a lot of room for improvement, but it’s a functional start!  If you see improvements that can be made, please let me know.  You can see the basic result...