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iPad Mini

iPad mini… revisited

When I posted the short series of iPad mini stories about trying to get used to the wee thing, I was still feeling mixed about the device.

Leather Knife Sheath

Return of Leathercraft

I’ve been working with leather again.  It’s been both very relaxing at a tense time, and fun.  I’m wrapped around so many projects right now I’ve resisted doing leathercraft, but I think it’s good for me.  Right now I’m just screwing around on round pieces while I get my bearings again. Anyway, here’s a pic...

iPad and iPad Mini

iPad, the End of the Story

Well, it’s a wrap. After not even a month, the swap comes to an end.  The final decision:  My wife loves the iPad with it’s big 10″ Retina screen.  She has used it far more than she ever used the mini, for just about everything.  She carried it with her through PAX and has enjoyed having it...

iPad and iPad Mini

iPad Trade Test II

After a week with the iPad mini, I am starting to get a feel for it. First, I miss a Retina display terribly.  I got glasses for the first time in my life earlier this year, and they really helped me enjoy the sharp clarity of the Retina display.  The difference in sharpness, in particular...