About Me

Hi, my name is Bruce.  I have worked with a single IT company (Office Equipment Company) for 20 years now.  While I love computers, I find the job can really beat the passion out of me.  The blog helps somewhat, especially when I get enthusiastic about posting.

I use a 2015 model 15" MacBook Pro as my only computer.  I have a 10" iPad Pro, an iPhone 6s, and an Apple Watch, so you could say I'm hooked in.  I work with Windows workstations and servers, as well as Linux machines, constantly, so I know my way around them really well.  I actually like Windows 10, not that I would ever replace my beloved Apple.

This is a WordPress site, using the Hueman theme.  It's running on my own virtual build Ubuntu 16.04 linux system, hosted on Digital Ocean.  In addition to the Apache services, I also run my own mail server from the server, based on Postfix and Dovecot.

Beyond computers, I have my lovely wife and two grown but terrific kids.  I have my first grandson, Aiden, on the way.  I love to travel, whether across the country or around the county, it doesn't matter.  My favorite place is Cannon Beach, Oregon and I would live there if I could.

If I have any passion beyond computers, its history. I own literally hundreds of books on the American Civil War.  I read about WWI and WWII, medieval history, the (real) old west, and am currently fascinated by Ancient Rome.  

I am a font of useless information.  Things stick with me for a long time.  I may be able to tell you a lot about Abraham Lincoln, odd bits of stories from the late Roman republic, or quick quotes from the famous and infamous, but not remember my own birthday.

Just Me